Each day in Rockdale County children are beaten, battered, sexually
                                       abused, emotionally injured or neglected.  These children find
                                       themselves in court where a maze of social workers, therapists,
                                       attorneys and judges must determine their future.  Too many children
                                       risk falling through the cracks in an overwhelmed system.  They need
                                       a strong voice speaking out for their best interests!

                                       Rockdale Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) was established
                                       in 1996 by Juvenile Court Judge William Schneider.  We are a non-profit
                                       organization that trains community volunteers to advocate for the best
                                       interest of abused and neglected children in juvenile court proceedings.

Judge Schneider had a vision that each abused and neglected child in Rockdale County involved
in juvenile court proceedings shall have an advocate - someone to speak up for their best interests.  
The program has grown from two volunteers in 1996 to over 50 currently. Our volunteers advocate
for over 250 children a year!

CASA volunteers talk with the child, parents, therapists, attorneys and other individuals who
have knowledge of the child’s situation.  The volunteer then goes to court and makes a
recommendation focusing on the child’s best interests.  After the court hearing, the volunteer
remains involved with the case, monitoring the orders of the Court to ensure that the child is
receiving the appropriate services in a timely fashion.  CASA volunteers bring urgency to a
child's needs, both in and out of a courtroom, advocate for safety, permanence and well-being.

You can make a difference in a child's life. Volunteer!

Rockdale CASA, Inc.                                                                Executive Director
PO Box 484                                                                                     Lynn Wetzel
Conyers, Georgia  30012
Advocate Coordinator
rockdalecasa@aol.com                                                                 Lena Flowers
fax 770-761-7765                                                                 
 Visitation Coordinator        
anie LeBlanc
Rockdale CASA, Inc.
Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children