Court Appointed Special Advocates


CASA Volunteers Change Lives

Why is CASA so Important?

CASA is central to fulfilling society’s most fundamental obligation by making sure a qualified, compassionate adult will fight for and protect a child’s right to be safe, to be treated with dignity and respect and to learn and grow in the safe embrace of a loving family.

How Many CASA Programs Exist?

45 CASA programs serve 158 counties and 49 of the 50 judicial circuits In fiscal year 2022, 9,045 children were served by 2,592 CASA volunteers. More than 8,500 of those children were in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS). Over 900 programs exist throughout the United States.

How Effective is CASA?

Research indicates that judges often accept the recommendations of CASA volunteers. Children with CASA volunteers, and their parents, receive the most services. Children who have a CASA are more likely to receive supportive services, spend less time in foster care, are more likely to do better in school and are more likely to find a safe and permanent home. This is evidence of CASA’s effectiveness.

How Does CASA Help Society?

Society has a fundamental obligation to ensure the basic rights and needs of every child are met. CASA volunteers are a formidable force that fight for these rights. There is no one else like a CASA volunteer who brings a sense of urgency to a child’s needs both in and out of the courtroom. The lives and well-being of children are hanging in the balance. Every child who cannot live safely at home should have a CASA volunteer who will help ensure their safe passage out of foster care, to the benefit of their children, and generations to come.

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